Take 5 cookbooks


Last night I was chatting to fellow food lovers Gower Cottage Brownies and Presents Queen (aks The Foodie Gift Hunter) about cookbooks and in particular first cook books and the first things we cooked.

Now as anyone who has read this post about food book I did knows I now have many many food related books….but of course a long long time ago I started with none….

Here’s five books that have heavily influenced my cooking and count as first in some way or another

The Play and Cook Book,Marguerite Patten (1973)

This is genuinely the first cookbook I [...]

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2011 bread experiments #1


So what was loaf one then and how did I select it? I used a random number generator which lead me to Dan Lepard’s The Handmade Loaf p161,which has a picture on…so i flipped forward to the first recipe after that to find on p163


Sounded yum. It uses the usual Dan Lepard low knead technique that I’m a big fan of and have written about here.

It was pretty easy to make and came out with a lovely soft crumb. It made fantastic cheese sandwiches and wonderful toast.

Definitely one to [...]

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2011 bread experiments ‘the rules’

In my last post I talked about some of the bread I made in 2010 and said I was going to challenge myself to make a different loaf each week in 2011. To make its a bit more fun I decided to select two of my bread baking books and I’m going to bake my way through them both but in a RANDOM manner.

Here’s the rules I’ve set myself:

I must select the bread to be baked randomly,using either a random number generator or by asking for numbers from people on Twitter. If the selected page doesn’t have [...]

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Reviewing books


Other posts have revealed my fondness for books and printed matter generally. Over the years I have had to invest heavily in IKEA Billy bookcases to help keep this predilection from taking over the house. Its sort of worked but I know there are many books I have that I have looked at only a few times and then moved on to the next must have item. Some of the books cast aside were great,some mediocre,some utter rubbish. But mostly when it comes to food related books I still have every single one of them. I have made [...]

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Food geekery (what I talk about when I talk about food writing)

Awaiting the 2009 edition

You’ve got your copy of Fire &Knives.

You’ve turned it over in your hands. Admired the neat hand(man)bag size. Fondled the paper. Scanned through quickly. Wondered where to start. Felt a curious warm feeling. Loved the retro design and adverts. Touched the paper (again). Mulled over the contents,undecided whether to read from front to back,dip in randomly,pick the most enticing item first,or save it until last. You’ve held it close to your face;breathed in the wonderful print and paper aroma. Given thanks that the editor and publisher (one Mr T Hayward) had the idea [...]

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The Young Ones (Students can cook)

The Ultimate Student Cookbook

Book Review:The Ultimate Student Cookbook

Back in the mid 1980s we had Maggie bent on breaking the unions,the birth of the Apple Mac and The Young Ones on TV. In their different ways all three have had a hand in where we are today,and where we are today when it comes to being a student is a very long way from 1984 (the year,not the Orwell novel).

Although the food in The Young Ones might have been a little bit exaggerated its highly probable that it’s much closer to what students were eating in the [...]

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