In season:more asparagus

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a ‘Tarte Maison‘tin from John Lewis. Its a lovely thing,3 times as long as its wide and calling out to have something pretty made in it. Initially I’d intended to make a rhubarb tart that I’d seen Jonathan (aka @Browners),over at ‘Around Britain with a Paunch‘ mention on Twitter. I’ve not got to the rhubarb tart yet –mainly because we don’t eat that many desserts so it just hasn’t happened.

But this weekend I thought it would be nice to do something a little bit different with asparagus [...]

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Under the clock,with the flowers

Yesterday I had an assignation at Liverpool Street Station in London with a man I’d never met before called Dan (at least that what he said his name was).  We agreed to meet at 11.30 BST. He said I’d recognise him by the flowers and the gentle aroma of garlic. How he was going to identify me we didn’t establish. Gave me plenty of get out but not him. Fortunately there aren’t that many people just standing looking like they are waiting for a man bearing a wild garlic plant at that time of day –most people are [...]

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In season:asparagus,part 1

The asparagus season has been going for a week or so now and so far I’ve only had one tasting just over a week ago and none since. It was great but once only is not good enough,there are only 6-8 weeks of the season,I refuse to buy asparagus out of season and I love the stuff so I really need to get focussed – I mean I’d eat it everyday if I could! So today,despite the heavy rain and blustery wind,I decided it had to be asparagus for lunch,preferably with some Jersey Royals [...]

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Quince blossom

Lets hope that it all turns into quinces and the squirrels don’t steal them this year…..

Very easy rhubarb ice cream

As the sun has been out quite a bit over the last few weeks my mind turned to ice cream making. I don’t make lots of desserts or do lots of baking – I enjoy it but we just don’t eat dessert that often so it kind of gets wasted (this is not some ‘health’ or ‘no sugar’ things its just I prefer munching on savoury stuff these days);but every now and then a sweet dish is just what’s needed.

There are some really good ice creams out there especially at farm shops – enough really to make [...]

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In season:wild garlic

Wild garlic had been popping up on my radar for a couple of weeks as being very much in season and ‘very now’ i.e. a thing it seems we should aspire to be seen eating. Never one to want to miss out on an emerging trend I thought I’d best give it a go.

I didn’t fancy going off to forage for it – it mostly grows in woodland and by river banks – neither of which are that common in East London (and those that there are you’d probably not want to harvest wild garlic from). It’s apparently easy [...]

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In season:mussels

Last night I had mussels just as they should be – wonderfully fresh,plump,sweet and with a tang of salty sea-ness about them. Cooked in the classic style of mariniere – butter,white wine,shallots,parsley and served with crusty bread to mop all the delicious juices.

I have to confess I didn’t cook them myself – I’ve always been a bit scared about preparing shellfish at home,maybe I just need to find a reliable local source and give it a go. The instructions in books always seems a bit of a faff – lots of leaving the [...]

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