Eating Norwegian for Eurovision,naturally


Its Eurovision time again. Tonight. In Oslo. Surely you are going to be watching? And you’ll need something to eat whilst the 25 contestants do their stuff followed by the age long voting process. So how to decide what Eurovision dish to have. Well you could rustle up a menu from the cuisine of the country you are supporting,you could just have something random and un-Eurovision related or you could try something from the cuisine of host country Norway.

Some of you might be saying ‘what Norwegian cuisine,isn’t it just herrings and meatballs?’ Apparently not according to Signe [...]

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Tweeting and eating,chilli

Some of you might have noticed that lately I’ve joined up on Twitter and I’ve been having fun seeing what its all about and chatting to like minded foodies,finding their blogs,seeing what people have to say. There’s certainly plenty of food talk going on in the Twitter-sphere.

Yesterday there emerged a series of tweets about making chilli. Now I love chilli but I haven’t made any for a good few months and as it was damp,drizzly day I decided maybe chilli was what was needed. We tweeted a bit about whether beans are authentic or not,which [...]

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