Seville oranges:spicy,savoury style marmalade


Last year when everyone was making marmalade with seville oranges I bought a couple of bags from the supermarket thinking I’d join in the fun.

Then I remembered that the last batch I made had lasted about 10 years as I don’t really eat marmalade that often.

So I wondered if there were any more savoury recipes…I’m a fan of chutney and pickles and started thinking along those lines. I couldn’t find any specific recipes and several people I asked were unsure if it would work.

After a bit of juggling ideas I decided to give it a go and [...]

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Threes P’s Risotto and guest posting


I’ve been doing my regular post for Francoise Murat’s newsletter for a while now but recently I was asked to do a guest post for fellow blogger Jo,of Jo’s Kitchen,whilst she was away. So I thought why not its always fun to do a bit of writing elsewhere.

Here’s what I came up with for her….

With monotonous regularity someone somewhere will go on about how an education system founded in “the 3 Rs” is just what we need to get back to basics and raise standards. Its always worried me a little that these three R’s [...]

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Making chocolate:an experiment

A few weeks back Julia at ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie‘was offering 5 Mayan Magic Chocolate kits to food bloggers who promised to blog the experience. Sounded like fun and as I love chocolate I rushed in and bagged one. It arrived a few days later but it sat untouched for a while –I was busy and wanted to do it justice and also blog as much of each step as I could… here is what you get and do:

1. The kit:2. What’s inside:

3. The butters:4. The powders:5. My chosen flavours (lavender,cardamom,[...]

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