Reviewing stuff

I’ve been reviewing stuff here since the early days of the blog in some shape or form. Usually stuff rather than eating out experiences,there are plenty of people doing eating out reviews way better than I ever could hope to. I’ve also done mini reviews on both of my posterous blogs.

Sometimes the stuff I review has been sent to me for free,sometimes I’ve paid for it with hard cash,sometimes its been an exchange or barter of a truly old fashioned type –some of my help in return for food.

Just as I don’t review every [...]

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Eggs-eptionally seasonal


This article was first published in Francoise Murat &Associates newsletter in April 2010.

We’ve just had Easter eggs,egg-decorating competitions at school and the hens are laying well again. With year round supplies of eggs in the shops we forget they are seasonal. We forget that when we talk of eggs we mean hen’s eggs. Anyone who keeps a few hens knows that during the winter they hardly lay at all and it takes until spring for them to get back to producing an egg a day. Jane Grigson talks of eggs as a rarity in the winter months and [...]

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A chocolate super hero


Ka-boom. Wowzer. Bam. Pow. OMG.

Wonderful. Amazing. My taste buds and brain are in overload.

I’m at Paul A Young. I’m tasting chocolate. Beautiful chocolate. I’m riding on taste sensation after taste sensation. I thought I knew chocolate but I didn’t know all of this. It’s a whole new set of experiences. How to convey it all to you?

Its passion,its craftsmanship,its huge knowledge. It’s wanting to save the world from bad chocolate and show everyone the way of good chocolate. Its superhero time. Okay so as far as I know Paul doesn’t zoom about wearing a cape [...]

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Tasting notes:Suffolk cheeses

Early in May I took up the #livelocal challenge. I learnt lots in the first week some of which I’ve already blogged about. A big part of taking up the challenge was not just to do it for a week but try to think more about what I ate,where it came from and so explore food options closer to home. And so to one of my favourite foods – CHEESE.

England has a great history of cheese making,we came a bit unstuck in the Milk Marketing Board post-war era with many cheeses being lost and production becoming very [...]

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An English twist on kir royale

Those who know me well know that a kir of any kind is one of my favourite drinks. When I,occasionally,run out of cassis I am at rather a loss. I’ve made it with the classic white burgundy,with any dry white wine I can get my hands on,with red wine (first tasted in Paris and known as kir communard,its good in the winter) and of course with champagne (or other dry sparkling wine) as a kir royale. It’s probably my first choice of cocktail. I love it.

So what to make of Peronelle’s Blush,made [...]

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Easter chocolate selection

Everyday is a great day for eating chocolate as far as I’m concerned but today there is the extra opportunity for a sneaky bit of chocolate if the Easter bunny has dropped off some chocolate eggs whilst on his/her rounds. I haven’t found any so far but I did try out a different chocolate bar as a special treat.

Today’s chocolate is “The Co-operative truly irresistible Fairtrade dark chocolate with spices and orange oil”. Sounds interesting,and with Fairtrade ethics to boot to ease my conscience while I’m munching away. I’m quite a fan of Green &Blacks Maya Gold which [...]

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Another coffee and chocolate pairing

For those of you who haven’t guessed yet I’m a big fan of both coffee and chocolate and one of the highlights of each day is sitting down mid morning for a little bit of both. I like to try different pairings to see what works and what doesn’t. Mostly I like my coffee and chocolate pretty strong and intensely flavoured so some of my favourites won’t be for the faint hearted. I usually have my coffee made in a cafetiere and drink it black no sugar,occasionally I go for the extra hit of an espresso made in a [...]

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