Eggs-eptionally seasonal


This article was first published in Francoise Murat &Associates newsletter in April 2010.

We’ve just had Easter eggs,egg-decorating competitions at school and the hens are laying well again. With year round supplies of eggs in the shops we forget they are seasonal. We forget that when we talk of eggs we mean hen’s eggs. Anyone who keeps a few hens knows that during the winter they hardly lay at all and it takes until spring for them to get back to producing an egg a day. Jane Grigson talks of eggs as a rarity in the winter months and [...]

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A little bit of chemistry

I took this photo of the water after I’d steamed some red cabbage at the weekend because I thought it was such a beautiful colour.

And then I got to wondering what chemistry is going on that means that a lovely deep red cabbage produces blue  water (with slight hints of green –it was bluer in reality than the picture shows –more photography practice for me). It turned out to be pretty simple and a quick bit of googling lead me to the answer.

It’s all about the pH of the water – and in fact red [...]

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