Pie-aggio: A day at the races

Ever since tasting Brays Cottage pork pies I’ve been avidly following what they are up to on Twitter in the hope that they will be coming to a stockist near me soon.

Today that hope got a teeny bit nearer when they launched their Pie-aggio van at Fakenham Races.

Hey, look everyone! It's our Pie-aggio!! on Twitpic

I’m not sure its quite up to a trip to London but I’m dreaming they’ll launch a fleet of them to brings pies to the whole country.

Meanwhile I shall be looking out for it if I venture up to Norfolk.

Very eggy

I was practising taking photos today and I combined these different eggs with some pink tissue paper to see if it brought out the blue in the Cotswold Legbar eggs. It kind of did but not as well as I hoped. I like the colours though and the different eggs look pretty together.

The brown ones are Burford Browns and the paler smaller ones are bantam eggs. 

I got them from some friends but you can buy eggs like these from Clarence Court although not as a mixed half dozen.

I’m looking forward to doing a comparative tasting.

Seriously addicted to stationery

I’ve always liked stationery.

Files. Lever Arch. Box. Ring. Card. Spring. Card Wallets.

Notebooks. Small. Large. Hard or softcover. Spiral bound. Stitched. Thick paper. Thin paper. Lines. Squares. Plain.

Pens. Fountain. Ball point. Rollerball. Gel. Fineliner.

Pencils. Propelling and otherwise.

Paper in all its forms.

And these:

They are Rapesco Supaclips. You fill the plastic gadget with clips. You find some paper you want to clip together and you slot it in the end of the gadget. There’s a sliding mechanism on the gadget that you push and hey presto a clip pops forward, grabs the pages and holds them together. Nicely and neatly.

And the clips are reusable.

And actually its quite fun to use the gadget to fire clips across the office. But thats a bit naughty so make sure the boss isn’t watching or you are the boss so you can do what you like ;0

Queuing for chips, Aldeburgh

I know fish and chips are popular in Aldeburgh and its rare to see no queue at the chip shop but this one is pretty huge. I reckon they’ve a 40 minute wait the people at the back (they are as far as the pink house and three deep).


There was an equally large queue at the other chip shop (which is run by the same family so just as good).

I decided I’d wait until another day before having a bag of chips to eat on the beach.

Tasty chocolate

I found this chocolate at the Co-op. I know its not supposed to be cool to shop at the Co-op but actually if you are a fan of fairtrade and also of local foods they are actually very committed to both these things. Much more so that pretty much any other supermarket.


This chocolate is dark, has a nice smooth texture. The orange spicing is mild and subtle and balances well with the chocolate. Naturally I like it best with a cup of coffee.

Best of all its sensibly priced at just over a ??1 a bar. You can’t say fairer than that.