Latest in desk accessories

For anyone who cares about their desk. And their coffee.

Then these are this seasons must have.

A perfect pair of espresso cups. Emblazoned with the Fire & Knives logo.

Available here in a nice neat straw filled box with smart F&K stickers on.

They say share with a friend and sharing is nice but I say keep them all for yourself.

In the interests of open reporting please note that I acquired my set through bribery and corruption, i suggest its easier and faster to pay by the normal methods.

Crumpler addiction

Oh dear I think I’m addicted to Crumpler bags.

I keep nipping over to their??website??just to check stuff out and see if I can find reasons to buy more bags.

I mean obviously its important to have bags that are fit for purpose right?


Like these three all are of course (regular small super casual handbag, medium size laptop/messenger bag, camera bag).

And well there might be a couple of the lovely neoprene zippy pocket things for iPhones and similar not erm included here.

Anyway best go there’s a whole host of bags I need to go and admire.

Retro cup

When I was doing my kitchen and pantry tidy up I found all sort of things I had forgotten about. 

Amongst them where a tea plate and jug; the final pieces from my parents original crockery set.

And of course they reminded me of childhood.

So I decided to add to them so that they might get used a little more often.

I tracked this down on ebay.

Its Midwinter Fine Queensbury Stripe. First produced in 1962 up until 1978.

I’ll leave you to guess when I remember it from.

And by the way my parents are still very much alive and well in case you wondered.

Hawthorn blossom

I went for a stroll in Wanstead Park earlier to look at the bluebells. The wood was carpeted with them but the light meant that the photographs weren’t as good as I had hoped.

Wanstead Park has several artificial lakes and ponds from the days when it was the gardens of a large and imposing Palladian house. The house if long gone, demolished to pay off the creditors amassed by the errant husband of the final owner in 1822.

As we walked around the Ornamental Water with its twists, turns and islands we turned a corner to find a hawthorn standing on its own at the lake edge in full blossom.

Wanstead Park is managed by the City of London as part of Epping Forest. It’s a lovely place to stroll or picnic and you can find out more here:…


Leaning tower of ikea boxes

I am on a sort of mission to tidy up and sort out.

I don’t like tidying up or sorting out much. So I’ve been trying various tactics to make it seem more fun. Or possibly to delay the inevitable task.

One tactic was to get some nice new shiny IKEA storage boxes.

And because IKEA comes in flat pack you then have to make the boxes, which delays the moment when tidying has to begin.

Here are all the ones I built this weekend.

I’m not sure that’s going to be enough. I might need to go and get some more before I can begin.