Bag, chair

I like this bag and I like this chair.

I thought they looked nice together.


They make me smile.

The bag is by Orla Kiely several seasons ago.

The chair was from my grandad’s house. You can find similar ones in second hand furniture shops and probably on ebay.

Crumpler addiction

Oh dear I think I’m addicted to Crumpler bags.

I keep nipping over to their??website??just to check stuff out and see if I can find reasons to buy more bags.

I mean obviously its important to have bags that are fit for purpose right?


Like these three all are of course (regular small super casual handbag, medium size laptop/messenger bag, camera bag).

And well there might be a couple of the lovely neoprene zippy pocket things for iPhones and similar not erm included here.

Anyway best go there’s a whole host of bags I need to go and admire.