Quince blossom

The quince tree is in blossom. There seems to be a good amount. But so far the conversion rate of blossom to quinces has not been very spectacular year on year.

Year one: there was a quince, the squirrels stole it.

Year two: there were no quince. I guess that meant the squirrels couldn’t steal them.


Fingers crossed for better luck for this year.

Plates, flowers

Yesterday (and the day before) I did lots of tidying and sorting in the dining room.

And I made it all nice looking again instead of the junk heap it had become.

Here is one of the things that I think makes it look nice.

Bay tree in flower

This morning while it was still sunny I took some pictures of the things springing to life in the garden.

This is my bay tree which has decided to flower.

Not sure if thats a good or a bad thing for a bay tree but it looks quite pretty.

Pretty tasty

A few weeks ago the nice people at Kent & Fraser asked me if I wanted to try some of their gluten free biscuits.

Well, believe it or not I did. For two reasons.

First I’m a very lazy baker so the occasional free biscuit doesn’t go a miss.

Second my nephew is coeliac so we are always on the look out for things that might be nice for him to try.

So they sent me some Lemon Shortbread and some Stilton & Walnut.

I thought I’d like the savoury ones more being a bit of a cheese fanatic. 

But that proved not to be the case. The Stilton & Walnut were nice but a little to strong.

But the lemon butter, oh gosh the lemon butter. 

Melt in your mouth, light, crumbly, tart yet sweet at the same time.

When my nephew next visits I’ll be keeping the lemon ones all to myself gluten free on not ;0

Hidden words

Last week I was walking from Holborn to near Oxford Circus.

I went past the works going on at Tottenham Court Road.

I saw these words painted high up on the side of the building.

Not visible until now.

And they’ll be hidden again soon.

But they’ll still be there.

Cheat Chips

I know its really bad.

Chips are bad aren’t they anyway. And to cheat as well. That’s doubly bad.

Surely I should make my own. But why would I bother when I can have these.


Because they really are very good. Nearly as good as my Grandma used to make and she made amazing chips.

I reckon its the beef dripping.

And all with no boiling oil. Fat fires. Or smelly house. Its genius I tell you. Genius.