Cheat Chips

I know its really bad.

Chips are bad aren’t they anyway. And to cheat as well. That’s doubly bad.

Surely I should make my own. But why would I bother when I can have these.


Because they really are very good. Nearly as good as my Grandma used to make and she made amazing chips.

I reckon its the beef dripping.

And all with no boiling oil. Fat fires. Or smelly house. Its genius I tell you. Genius.

Queuing for chips, Aldeburgh

I know fish and chips are popular in Aldeburgh and its rare to see no queue at the chip shop but this one is pretty huge. I reckon they’ve a 40 minute wait the people at the back (they are as far as the pink house and three deep).


There was an equally large queue at the other chip shop (which is run by the same family so just as good).

I decided I’d wait until another day before having a bag of chips to eat on the beach.