I like kedgeree. A lot. Its simple to make and always tasty. It makes a great light dinner dish. Its even easier when you use smoked fish that doesn’t need any cooking. Last night I used Pinney’s of Orford hot smoked salmon. I made the rice quite spicy because this fish is quite rich. Yum.


Find the salmon online here:

So stupid but so funny

Okay. I know. Dilbert is kind of cheesy. But it makes me giggle more often than not. I was particularly pleased to bag a half price desk calendar this week. And I thought I’d share today’s cartoon with you.


It reads:

Dilbert: ‘I didn’t have any accurate numbers so I just made up this one.’

Dilbert: ‘Studies have shown that accurate numbers aren’t any more useful than ones you make up.’

Point-haired boss: ‘How many studies showed that?’

Dilbert: ‘Eight-seven.’

Well it made me laugh ;0

My most favourite shoes

Here they are my most loved, worn loads, very favourite of all my many shoes. They’re 10 years old and still going strong, which is good because when I last checked they are eye wateringly expensive theses days. Here’s hoping they last another 10 years or more. They are Belstaff Trailmaster boots. I love them.