In the garden

The garden is a curious mix of wintery-ness and one tree thats still has almost all its leaves and all are still green, its not an evergreen its a cherry plum tree and i’m not sure why its taking so long to shed its leaves this year I don’t recall it being so slow other years.

Anyway here’s some pictures of leaves, snow and icicles….all taken within the space of 10 minutes this morning


Huge icicle on neighbours guttering, its melting fast though.


Logs, snow and leaves.


Cherry plum tree still in leaf.


Melting snow.


Aubergine tragedy

In early September I was wondering whether my mini aubergine would get large enough to harvest…. it was quite small back then as you can see in my Teeny tiny aubergine post.

Well it did grow quite well and it looked lovely and glossy and like it might be a winner.


Then something awful happened….

The snails that had been plaguing the runner beans got to it.


I was able to salvage about half of it.

Not really enough for a moussaka.

And possibly the most expensive half aubergine ever.

Not sure I’ll try again next year.