Fallen autumn leaves

I went out for an afternoon walk today hoping to get some shots of autumnal trees.

I was a bit late though and the light was fading too much.

But these shots of the leaves that had alreday fallen appealed.

The leaves seem to be coming down quickly this year, plenty of those still on the trees are still green but the golden ones are coming off fast in the wind.

Tomorrow I might head out to Epping Forest to see how that’s looking.


Missing staircase

A grand stone staircase awaiting restoration….

I visited Copped Hall near Epping a couple of weeks ago.

I loved it.

Part of its fascination is that you don’t often get to see inside a grand house that’s in the process of being restored. Those parts are usually hidden away.

Not at Copped Hall.

Wherever possible they seem to have decided that the rooms should be on view so that visitors can see the progress.

This makes for such a different experience and also makes you realise the tremendous work involved in restoring a period property that has fallen into disrepair.

As I’ve already said here I’d highly recommend it.