Hoooge Cauli

I’ve just come back from the local farmers market (Wanstead to be specific).

I got a bit carried away and scooped up large quantities of goodies.

Including this hoooge cauli


Which handily has a radiator in the background to allow you to assess the scale of its hoooge-ness

For the record I also bought:

12 rashers of smokey bacon

3 types of sausage (4 of each)

2 pork chops

2 pieces of ribeye

2 lamb chops

1 lamb breast

1 lamb neck fillet

1 piece of pork belly

1 fillet smoked haddock

the hoooge cauli




rainbow chard

a squash

pippin apples


apple and ginger juice

3 quiches

1 slice of poppyseed cake

dozen eggs

ticklemore cheese

berkswell cheese

single gloucester cheese

cumin gouda

Then I staggered home….


Bargain eggs

Today I went to the local farmers market in Wanstead high street.

It’s once a month and been going for just over a year. I go pretty much every month.

Today one of the things I got was some eggs.

They were called mis-shapes. So they were only £1.40 a dozen.

The man said its mostly because they are not brown and most people want brown eggs that they are cheap.


I mean they don’t look very mis-shapen to me. The shells are rougher and some have marks on but hey I’m not eating the shells.

Nearly as much of a bargain as when Ocado sent me 24 eggs I’d not ordered and weren’t on the bill.

A small mid-afternoon snack

This morning I spent a leisurely few hours in Liberty’s tea room sipping Lahloo Tea‘s White rosebud tea, eating a large and delicious slice of Victoria sponge cake and chatting to fell food blogger and twitterer @comestibles.

It was lovely way to spend part of the day but the slice of cake was so large I felt full for ages (in a nice way).

But I finally got a bit peckish so I fixed a little snack…..


Dalloways cherries and Alham Wood buffalo cheese with cumin both from the farmers market, some Peters Yard crispbreads and some goats cheese.

Just the job to fill the emerging hole in my tum and tide me over until supper which is at least 4 hours away still.