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Its been a while…

Ah yes, another break in the blogging flow. It been nearly four weeks since I posted here and that was after a gap of nearly two weeks. I don’t know how some people manage to keep such a regular flow of posts going. Sometimes the inspiration comes in huge chunks sometimes not, and when it doesn’t well there is no deadline to make you file on time.

I have been doing a few things elsewhere…like over on my various posterous sites where I’ve been posting food and non-food related snippets and also splitting the food and none food into two separate sites.

Take a look here for food stuff:

And here for other not so foodie stuff:

I also wrote a guest piece for the world famous Where’s my Pork Chop? blog run by Danny at Food Urchin all about well food and the internet:

And of course I did my regular piece for Francoise Murat’s newsletter which you can find here but I’ll be posting the full post on the blog too soon.

And finally there’s another guest piece on another blog that will be popping up soon, I’ll let you know when it does.

So I haven’t been sitting round doing nothing, honest!

4 thoughts on “Its been a while…”

  1. Hi HH:

    And I thought I’d been slacking now I realise I was just busy doing stuff elsewhere! It was great fun making scones and trying out the cream tea as I don’t cook much sweet stuff so it made a nice change. Wonderful for a summery treat :)

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