Grrrrr-anolay things

Grrr because…

I’m mostly not a  breakfast cereals person.

I used to be. I used to LOVE Weetabix with the top of the milk on. 

You don’t get ‘top of the milk’ so much any more, most milk has been homogenised.

And anyway I like milk much less than I used to.

So mostly I have toast. Or bacon butties (my favourite). Or cheese.

Or something that’s not cereal.

But somewhere between last November and now I’ve developed a bit of and addiction to granola-y things.

Its stared with Jordan’s who invited me to a baking day I couldn’t attend, so they sent me some Country Crisp instead.

Then Rude Health sent me some of their newly launched ‘The Granola’.

Here I found out the secret of why all granola is tasty.

Then Lynne of a Greedy Piglet let me have some of her homemade.

And now I’m sort of addicted.

Not enough to make my own.

Not enough to make me switch form a bacon butty.

And I’ll have you know my waistline will thank me for that.

Because the shocking truth is that granola is tasty because its packed with fat (go on read the label). Possibly more fat than in a bacon butty :0