Use yer loaf….

At the weekend I saw Dan of @FoodUrchin was disputing the kneading technique that I favour and that I learnt from @dan_lepard (yes two Dan’s already).

He didn’t belive that you could get a great loaf with such minimal kneading (3 lots of 10 seconds).

Those in the know on Twitter told him to try it and see.

He later came back with impressive results.

And it reminded me I hadn’t baked in a while so yesterday I decided to make the same recipe.

Well sort of.

I adapted it a bit with guidance from @dan_lepard to 50:50 wholewheat and white flour.

Brilliant stuff.


For a 50:50 loaf you only need 3/4 tsp fast action yeast and rising takes less time, just let it increase by 50% rather than doubling.

And really tasty.