Tasty Lancashire

Tasty Lancashire is a cheese.

From Lancashire, which might seem obvious, but in these days of Cheddar from just about anywhere and PDO stuff you never know.

Not all Lancashire cheese is Tasty even if it tastes very good.

Traditional Lancashire is either Creamy (aged 4-12 weeks) or Tasty (aged from 12 weeks to 2 years). Crumbly is some latter day invention of factory production.


A few weeks ago it was British Cheese Week. 

I don’t need a special week to want to eat British cheese, any day any week suits me just fine.

To make cheese week more special though the nice people at Butlers Farmhouse Cheese sent me some of their Tasty Lancashire.


Wow. This is the Tasty Lancashire of my childhood. Creamy buttery texture but strong tang.

Not for the fainthearted.

But what Lancashire lass or lad is fainthearted huh?

Now I just need a London stockist, or courier delivery weekly.