Eek its been ages since I posted anything about progress on my challenge.

That might be because its slipped somewhat. I did quite well for the rest of January, but some February and March I’ve slipped rather a long way off target.

Do I’ve done a recalculation and now I need to do 4 miles a day. Which in theory is still do-able although recent performance suggests it might be quite hard. I’ll definitely be trying to catch up with some cycling when we get to summer.

I’ve learnt though that although I love a nice stroll on a sunny day I really truly am a fair weather walker. As soon as its cold or damp I can find a million better things to do than go for a bracing soggy walk.

I’m hoping now that we have Spring here I’ll be minded to go out more often and I’m also going to try a tactic of short walks round the block spaced out across the day. I’m sure in terms of fitness it probably not as good for you but in terms of regular fresh air away from my desk it might just be better.

And it could just get me back in the swing of it.

I hope so!