New vodka experiment

I liked my rosehip vodka from 2009 so much I wanted to make some more.

But when I went out to collect hips I was only able to get a small handful.

So I’ve paired them with a Kidd’s Orange Red apple I had left.


I’m hoping it makes for a good combination.

PS: For my general fruit voddy method see this post here 

Rosehip vodka

There are rosehips in the hedgerows.

And maybe in your garden.

You could use them to make syrup. Or jelly.

But I’m on a bit of a mission to try out lots of fruit vodkas.


Because they are so simple to do.

They look pretty.

They taste great.

And they make great presents/barter goods.

So I made this rosehip vodka last year…..


You can find my basic method here.

Oh and the pretty glass was a barter with someone I let have some of my damson vodka :D