Gold ink

In my various letterpress adventures I’ve been trying out some different inks and paper combinations.

I have a ‘standard’ forme I use for testing the papers and inks…which I’m sure you’ll see popping up as I experiment.

One of the inks I’ve really liked so far is this metallic mid gold

Inked rollers

Inking the forme

Ink on glass

Inked forme ready to print

Print operators view

Final result (printed twice on same card)

It’s particularly good on red paper

First ‘proper’ letterpress project

For my first real project I decided to use a nice big block so it would be relatively easy to set up the forme and lock the block in the chase (see look technical terms I didn’t know existed only a few months ago).

I decided to try it across a variety of papers I already had to hand and as I’d only got one ink (Paynes Grey), well I used that.

And goodness did I learn a lot.

Like its not as easy to pad the bed as I thought (and get an even impression). Old blocks are unlikely to give you the sought after impression in the paper. Smooth paper gives a better print (than textured) if the block is detailed like this one. And ink takes an age to dry on modern shiny paper takes. And its really easy to get ink everywhere.

All of which I’m sure an experienced letterpress person could have told me in five minutes, but hey sometimes its fun finding out for yourself.

25 May: PS – just to be clear the block is a vintage one I bought not one I designed, I’m not that advanced yet :(

addendum (8/6/11):

ink colour: Paynes Grey

ink make: Stay Open by Hawthorn Printmakers Supplies

paper: Concord index card 6 x 4