Supa dupa supaclips (TM)

Okay so I’ve blogged these before elsewhere.

But they are just so good.

Yeah paper clips are nice. But these are way smarter. They make your documents look all nice and professional in one easy move.


And they are fun to use.

They are Rapesco Supaclips. You fill the plastic gadget with clips. You find some paper you want to clip together and you slot it in the end of the gadget. There’s a sliding mechanism on the gadget that you push and hey presto a clip pops forward, grabs the pages and holds them together. Nicely and neatly.

And the clips are reusable.

And actually its quite fun to use the gadget to fire clips across the office. But thats a bit naughty so make sure the boss isn’t watching or you are the boss so you can do what you like ;0

Go on make your documents look supa (TM) ┬ásmart….