Handblocked notebook

Todays’ work in progress is a one off recipe ideas book for a very good friend who has asked for some tips.

Rather than send an email I though a personal notebook would be nice and would allow me to use some of by food related letterpress blocks.

Because its a one off  I’m hand blocking which is very slow but easier than setting up the Adana.

I’m pleased with its slight quirkiness so far.


So the Twitter wires are buzzing with views on the launch of the Apple iPad and as usual things are split down love it/hate it lines.

So instead I bring you a range of notepads that I found out about the other day when I won one in a Twitter competition.

Its fair to state here that I am a bit of a stationery junkie. Ordning & Reda, Moleskine, Clairfontaine, Smythson just let me at them. But I can see this range from Whitelines joining the fold, because, well, the lines are white – like it :)

I know you can’t tell that in this picture but trust me they are and very nice the whole thing is too.

Want one? Admire them here: http://www.whitelines.se/

Buy them on Amazon (and various other good stationery stockists)