Chocolate Week: Day 1

I’m not that much of a fan of this week and that week and the other week. Mainly because there are now so many its easy to get them muddled. After all today was the start of Chocolate Week, Curry Week and also international porridge day…hopefully not all in the same meal!

Although actually the only thing I haven’t had today is porridge….

So despite all that I do like chocolate and any excuse to branch out is a good one.

Today’s chocolate choices were:


first with morning coffee Pixie Hall‘s truffles

and then


Macarons + More chocolate orange and cardamom shortbread

Both totally delish and both purchased at The Norfolk Diet market in Norwich on Saturday


Easy Lunch: Asparagus

I’ve said on here before how much I love asparagus and I’m very certain I will be saying it again before the season is over. Earlier in the week I went really simple with steamed asparagus and slithers of Ticklemore cheese popped under the grill until the cheese was just melting. The salty goats cheese was great with the asparagus. I didn’t take pictures though because I was so busy eating it.

Today I went for Parma ham, steamed asparagus and fried guinea fowl eggs.

Oh yum.

I don’t think you need instructions to be able to copy this, of course feel free to substitute the egg of your choice.

This week I am mostly eating asparagus from Norfolk.

Who ate all the pies?

The other day I was lucky enough to get a package in the post containing 2 pork pies from Brays Cottage.
Lucky because these pies have a great reputation and double lucky because they had sent them to me in return for a favour I did them, how kind is that?

I’m a bit of a fan of pies of many types and am especially fond of pork pies. Sadly it’s not that easy to get great pork pies these days most of them are bland and claggy.

But not these ones. Oh no. I knew they were going to be good when I lifted the lid to a lovely pork pie aroma. The pastry was crispy and tasty and not too thick, the filling was moist, porky and spot on. And a great pocket size pie. It’s not called the perfect pie for nothing.


My only complaint – I wasn’t allowed to eat both of them, husband snaffled one for himself!

Next time I think I shall order a larger size.

Fancy one yourself:

Want to read about pies of many types:…