Gold ink

In my various letterpress adventures I’ve been trying out some different inks and paper combinations.

I have a ‘standard’ forme I use for testing the papers and inks…which I’m sure you’ll see popping up as I experiment.

One of the inks I’ve really liked so far is this metallic mid gold

Inked rollers

Inking the forme

Ink on glass

Inked forme ready to print

Print operators view

Final result (printed twice on same card)

It’s particularly good on red paper

A look inside the letterpress filing cabinet

Since getting my Adana 8 x 5 I’ve been accumulating bits and bobs of kit.

You don’t quite realise some of the things you might need to be able to do projects.

Type obviously. But also hand rollers, inks, glass to pre roll ink, cleaning kits, spacing stuff, paper and so on and on.

Here’s a peek inside the the IKEA filing cabinet that the Adana lives on top of…

Some mixed wooden type

Type and plates

Metal type (sooo heavy)

Chases and quoins and spacing stuff


Hopefully soon I’ll do a list of where to find…..