Pretty tasty

A few weeks ago the nice people at Kent & Fraser asked me if I wanted to try some of their gluten free biscuits.

Well, believe it or not I did. For two reasons.

First I’m a very lazy baker so the occasional free biscuit doesn’t go a miss.

Second my nephew is coeliac so we are always on the look out for things that might be nice for him to try.

So they sent me some Lemon Shortbread and some Stilton & Walnut.

I thought I’d like the savoury ones more being a bit of a cheese fanatic. 

But that proved not to be the case. The Stilton & Walnut were nice but a little to strong.

But the lemon butter, oh gosh the lemon butter. 

Melt in your mouth, light, crumbly, tart yet sweet at the same time.

When my nephew next visits I’ll be keeping the lemon ones all to myself gluten free on not ;0