Formost (brown cheese)

I’ve been meaning to post a picture of this for ages because I love the way the cheese has been moulded into a fancy shape


I also happen to love brown cheese, this one seemed more savoury that some of the ones I’ve tried.

It came from deepest darkest Norway courtesy of Ms Scandilicious.

Note: for those who’ve never tried in brown cheese aka gjetost is rather an acquired taste been a rather unusual mix of sweetness yet savoury umami. Its made from why left from cheesemaking that is simmered slowly until it crystallises and thickens. i love it, many don’t.

My Scandinavain style new office

This week I’ve been trying out a new office. I really like it. Its central. Its good for meetings. Its got nice Scandinavian decor with clean lines. There’s a great catering facility and wifi. I love the quirky cups. The coffee is from Monmouth Street Coffee.

What more can a girl ask for?

Want a Scandi style office facility of your own? Then you need:

61 Great Titchfield Street

Oh and buy enough coffees and you get a hug from the staff (only if you want own of course) – sweet :)

And last but not least they stock BROWN cheese – oh yes.