Mystery (to me) flower

The garden next to us has a flowering cherry. Its close to the fence so we get the benefit of admiring it from ourĀ window.

I’ve notice recently another plant that seems to be growing up into the flowering cherry.

Its in flower now.


Does anyone know what it is?

UPDATE: the very helpful @josordoni @ailbhetweets and @theamplecook all tell me this is clematis montana, thank you for solving the mystery

Quince blossom

The quince tree is in blossom. There seems to be a good amount. But so far the conversion rate of blossom to quinces has not been very spectacular year on year.

Year one: there was a quince, the squirrels stole it.

Year two: there were no quince. I guess that meant the squirrels couldn’t steal them.


Fingers crossed for better luck for this year.

Bay tree in flower

This morning while it was still sunny I took some pictures of the things springing to life in the garden.

This is my bay tree which has decided to flower.

Not sure if thats a good or a bad thing for a bay tree but it looks quite pretty.