What’s the apple ID?

Yesterday we noticed some apples hanging over the fence from the neighbours tree.

So we picked them.

Now I know you are supposed to hand them back but well the owner of the house rents it out so we kind of figured there were as much ours as the tenants :o

Anyway we only got a few there are tons for them to collect if they want them.


I’ve tried to work out what they are but all my guesses wouldn’t be ripe yet and these are definitely ready. They are crisp very white flesh and a good balance of sweet and sharp.

Suggestions welcome as to their identity


New vodka experiment

I liked my rosehip vodka from 2009 so much I wanted to make some more.

But when I went out to collect hips I was only able to get a small handful.

So I’ve paired them with a Kidd’s Orange Red apple I had left.


I’m hoping it makes for a good combination.

PS: For my general fruit voddy method see this post here