A look inside the letterpress filing cabinet

Since getting my Adana 8 x 5 I’ve been accumulating bits and bobs of kit.

You don’t quite realise some of the things you might need to be able to do projects.

Type obviously. But also hand rollers, inks, glass to pre roll ink, cleaning kits, spacing stuff, paper and so on and on.

Here’s a peek inside the the IKEA filing cabinet that the Adana lives on top of…

Some mixed wooden type

Type and plates

Metal type (sooo heavy)

Chases and quoins and spacing stuff


Hopefully soon I’ll do a list of where to find…..


I like writing real letters to real people on real paper with a real pen and real ink.

In these days of instant communications it seems delightfully civilised.

And believe it ot not there are some people out there who don’t have computer let alone email.

And everyone appreciates a lovely letter in the post.

Especially if it’s on lovely stationery.

Like this letter press card I found recently.

I got it in Paperchase. But you can find them online here.

Its made me want to write more real letters.

And more worrying get a little lettrepress printing machine