Rain, mud and some sunshine

So its been a little while since I did an update but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out there doing some miles.

I have hit a few challenges though so I know I’m going to need better ways to get over those.

Here’s how its been going:

5 Jan: 3.36 miles locally round the roads near where I live. A reasonable but not exciting walk.

6 Jan: a very short canter round the block of .54 miles it was a rainy day mind you

7 Jan: horrid and rainy all day no walk

So I realised I needed a way to deal with rainy days….I don’t want to go out and get drenched but I want to do some activity even if I don’t count it to my challenge miles. Maybe rainy days are for strength and stretch training….

8 Jan: Nice walk incorporating Wanstead Park, bit muddy underfoot but some sunshine and 5.20 miles.

9 Jan: 4.59 miles across parts of Wanstead Flats and up to the edge of Walthamstow. Again muddy but a nice view to the city.


(the picture doesn’t do the view justice, the teeny buildings in the distance are the city and look so much better in reality)

10 Jan: spurred on by a good weekend I walked to the shops to get a few things needed for dinner a 3.72 mile round trip.

11 &12 Jan: Business meetings meant slotting in walking was hard and I didn’t do any miles. hoped to catch up Thursday and Friday but….

13/14 Jan: Horrid rainy days, no chance for walks.

15 Jan: Grey weather but not raining so a walk out near Ware along the New River aqueduct and the River Lee Navigation, 4.7 miles, again a bit muddy.

So I’m a scary 19.75 miles off track :0

I need a rainy day strategy…I think indoor stretches or strength training or the clonky old exercise bike tho I’m not counting those to the target they will keep me active.

I need a busy day strategy….I’m going to try to find some 1.5 – 2 mile routes from home so I can try to do them when I’m busy as its seems a quick 1/2 hour is so more appealing if I’m busy.

And I must clean the mud off my boots….