Leaning tower of ikea boxes

I am on a sort of mission to tidy up and sort out.

I don’t like tidying up or sorting out much. So I’ve been trying various tactics to make it seem more fun. Or possibly to delay the inevitable task.

One tactic was to get some nice new shiny IKEA storage boxes.

And because IKEA comes in flat pack you then have to make the boxes, which delays the moment when tidying has to begin.

Here are all the ones I built this weekend.

I’m not sure that’s going to be enough. I might need to go and get some more before I can begin.

0 thoughts on “Leaning tower of ikea boxes”

  1. Oh tell me about it!!! I have same boxes (as you saw on that photo) and they are a nightmare to assemble, so frustrating when all you want to do is start tidying up but you’ve got to mess about making the damn boxes in first place. I trained my father how to do them and set him about it one afternoon, he complained throughout!!

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