In season: asparagus, part 1

The asparagus season has been going for a week or so now and so far I’ve only had one tasting just over a week ago and none since. It was great but once only is not good enough, there are only 6-8 weeks of the season, I refuse to buy asparagus out of season and I love the stuff so I really need to get focussed – I mean I’d eat it everyday if I could! So today, despite the heavy rain and blustery wind, I decided it had to be asparagus for lunch, preferably with some Jersey Royals alongside. A quick trip to the supermarket was required – now I know I should be buying this stuff at the local farmers shop/market/etc but:

a. there isn’t one near me and
b. its Monday so time is short for food shopping. 

I got what I needed – a good bunch of asparagus (it was from Hampshire – I’m really wondering where the East Anglia asparagus is this year after all its nearer – so much for Waitrose’s local sourcing policy!) and a small bag of Jersey Royals (and what happened to them being sold still in the soil it seemed so much better and they had them like that last year?).

Anyway back home with my haul of goodies I set to work to make a quick lunch. I like my asparagus simply done –I’m not one for turning it into soups it always seems best to me steamed or maybe grilled and then dressed with some oil or butter, or served with simple accompaniments such as poached egg, or a little cheese. Today I opted for steaming it above the potatoes and then serving it on a bed of parma ham, drizzling it with olive oil and sprinkling with a little bit of Sacanova Aged Mahon cheese, the potatoes were alongside with some oil and fresh mint.

Sweet and slightly nutty asparagus, earthy, nutty potatoes, sweet ham and a salty caramel tang from the cheese – perfection.

With only about 45 days left to get my fill how shall I have tomorrow’s asparagus?

5 thoughts on “In season: asparagus, part 1”

  1. Your so disciplined to buy asparagus only in season. I admire that. I agree with you that asparagus should be enjoyed pure and natural, steamed or grilled – none of this turning it soups. I can’t wait to try some this weekend with soft boiled eggs.

  2. Mmm, I do love asparagus. We’ve not managed to get any so far :( They really do taste so much better in season. My grandmother-in-law was telling me about when she was young they mainly had white asparagus. Have you tried them? She said you starve them of light, they tend to be slightly less bitter.

    PS – I tried the egg curry recipe you posted, was very nice. I’ve posted an image on my blog.

  3. This is the way I like asparagus too… this way you can really taste it and appreciate it. Love the very thin slice of ham… I bet it was a tasty lunch :)

  4. I did used to buy out of season then I had some that was really fresh and the taste was amazing so now it stick to seasonal – and its cheaper.

    Mangocheeks: I like the idea of with boiled egg – maybe time for me to get a goose egg again :)

    Alex: I never tire of it like this

    Matt: Never tried white asparagus, only ever seen it in tins (ugh) maybe I need to grow some to try it! Will check out the egg curry pic.

    Karen: its soooo good like this – I might have it again tomorrow (and the next day and….)

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