Good Food Show Winter 2010 (very special competition)

I’ve been to local food festivals, I’ve been to food trade shows but I’ve never been to any of the big, big food shows like The Good Food Show. The idea of the NEC packed with good food is is slightly overwhelming.

But this year I’m going to be there. Not cruising the aisles checking the produce mind you. Oh no. I shall be a Pop-Up Pie Assistant to the wonderful Brays Cottage Pork Pies. If you are in any doubt about their wonderfulness then consider that they were one of only ten producers selected from over 70 to win a Bursary Award to enable them to have a stall at the show. And the list of people who rave about their pies is simply too long to mention…

I’m really excited about being Pop-Up Pie Assistant, I’m following in the trailblazing shoes of this list of luminaries of the Pop-Up Pie Assistant academy:

@Farctum and @Josordoni and @DrTimKinnaird and @deantoms and @enjoynorwich and @JonnyB and apparently even an MEP

…..each had their trade mark style I’m hoping mine will be a porkpie hat…

So of course naturally you want to come along and see me being pie assistant. You want to meet Sarah the driving force behind Brays Cottage. You want to sample the pies. Of course you do. Who wouldn’t.

And you’ve two ways to get there:

1. The usual way: pay your entrance fee pop along to the stall and buy a pie. We’ll be thrilled to see you.


2. The GSD special way: enter my competition to win one of 3 pairs of entrance tickets donated by the show organisers, pop along to the stall, flash your special Pie Voucher and YES YES YES you get Bray’s Cottage pie for FREE. And better still you get a special GSD/WKF limited edition for this competition only gift.

WOW. This is truly an exclusive competition. You CANNOT get this deal anywhere else.

So what do you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post telling me why you deserve to win and how will your life be changed by experiencing pork pie nirvana. I’ll pick 3 entries (pair of tickets to each winner) on some basis yet to be determined, probably the 3 that I like most and failing that by random number generator.

Get entering you have until midnight on Friday 19 November. I’ll pick the winners on Saturday 20th and mail the tickets out to you.

Small print:

1. Tickets are general admission only. Excluding Saturday. They are non transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

2. You must present your special Pie Voucher to claim your free pie. One pie per person. And I’ll have a cunning system in place to ensure only the winners get their mitts on the free pies so don’t bother making your own, photocopying or anything else ‘smart’.

3. The Pie Voucher is also used to collect your GSD/WKF exclusive gift.

4. I’m the judge and my decision on who wins is final.

5. You can’t enter if you are related to me, sorry.

6. Oh and I’m there Thursday and Friday but you’ll still be able to claim your pie etc if you choose to go a different day

16 thoughts on “Good Food Show Winter 2010 (very special competition)”

  1. I would love to win tickets because my 5 yr old is training to be a pie connoisseur….indeed a food connoisseur in general but particularly pies. She also remembers GFS last year when she was practically force fed chocolates. thus it seems to her a very good idea indeed to go again. Plus I will get to meet suppliers for our new business and sample famous pork pies. what could be better?

  2. Fab competition! I’d love to win because I love pies! And also my lovely husband and I have been far too busy with work that has also been spilling over into weekends to arrange any time away – but this would force us to take a much needed break. Oh yes, and of course he loves pies too! It sounds as though some of my favourite bloggers will be there too, so I can shuffle round embarrassedly trying to put faces to blogs. What could be better?!?

  3. I would love to win the tickets cos I have my train tickets, so I am already on my way…

    and I NEED to be there or you won’t get any tea and coffee, and I can’t admire your hats, and how will you get to buy Gower Cottage brownies, and Dr Tim’s macarons if my grubby little hand isn’t there for you to put your pennies in and despatch me to do your shopping?

    I must admit that I have achieved Pork Pie Nirvana on several occasions already, but (and this is a big but..) Nirvana is fleeting, and I have no Vana, even if I do have a lot of Nirv…

  4. So . . . . I’ts like this . . .Ever since becoming acquainted with Brays cottage pies I’ve had an uncontollable urge to try one . . .The opportunity has unfortunately yet to manifest itself. My need for a good pork pie hit new heights when I saw their pork pie wedding cake so now I actually need a pork pie and a fiance. I don’t particularly care about going to the show and would probably not get time out of the kitchen to do so anyway. Therefore should I win someone else can have the tickets on the condition that I get the pie . .Deal?

  5. So Ryan, let’s assume that you get a pie.

    Have you found a competition for the fiance yet? You should plan on going to the show.. you never know who you might meet hanging round the pie stand. Just think, you’d have all the right things in common.

    Like pie.

  6. would love to win and come along to witness your performance as ‘pop-up pie assistant’ I expect great things and am confident you can rise to the challenge! an added bonus will be all those glorious pies of which myself and my brood of strapping men are exceptional fond.

  7. What a great competition and soooo glad I have found this. I can not think of a better way to get my dad to experience the good food show with my mum by telling him there will a pork pie like none he’s ever tasted before waiting for him. I know he will definately commit if I was to tell him this. I’m sure he will buy some to take home too so share with my brother.

  8. I would so love to go to The Good Food Show, for the obvious good food and because I have been coveting a Brays Cottage Pork Pie for some time now, after seeing and lusting after their plump, porky pictures.
    Other than that, I have never won nuffink and deserve sympathy in the form of a pair of tickets. It would, of course be a pleasure to meet you all! x

  9. I would love to win the tickets but above all the voucher for a pie.

    My husband loves pies but they put his sugar level up dramatically – he’s Diabetic. He thinks I don’t know that he used to buy pork pies and eat them on the way home from work.

    However, recently, he has been really good and cut down on his intake of bread ( another great love of his but disatrous for his sugar levels) and had much better readings. I think he deserves a legimate, out in the open pie.

    1. Jane I’m sorry you are a year late for the competition :( this was for 2010 …but there are probably lots of competitions about right now for tickets for this years show….

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