Finding tea

I’ve never been much of tea drinker. That’s until a couple of weeks ago. I finally got round to getting a teapot to go with some teas I bought late last year, oh and of course I couldn’t resist popping a couple more teas in the shopping trolley as I clicked away on the internet.


So here they are: White Silver Tip from Rare Tea Co, Green Jasmine and Rosey White from Lahloo and Phoenix Eye Jasmine White from teanamu.

And a lovely For Life teapot and two cups which I got from Lahloo.

I haven’t decided which is my favourite tea yet but I can’t believe it took me all this time to find that there are wonderful delicate teas out there. I shan’t be giving up coffee any time soon but I am pleased to have added tea to my day.

2 thoughts on “Finding tea”

  1. yes, fabulous teas out there .Just discovered recently that @raretealady has Margaret Hope Darjeeling haven’t had that one for ages

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