Elderflower Vodka

Elderflower rush

Its very nearly the end of the the elderflowers for this year, in fact in some parts of the country I’m sure they are already gone gone gone. But in a few places there are still some good ones to be found so if you are quick you might be able to grab a few flower heads and make cordial, champagne or…guess what……yes flavoured vodka.

Somehow I seem to have gathered a reputation for all things flavoured voddy and a few people have asked for the method for doing an elderflower one. So here it is:

6-8 good size elderflower heads in full bloom
750ml – 1l of vodka – basic supermarket is fine
250g-300g granulated sugar
a large glass jar or a s/steel pan will do

Make sure there are no bugs on the elderflowers.
Put the sugar then the flower heads in the jar or pan.
Pour over the vodka. I don’t use citric acid like you are supposed to in the cordial because I don’t think you need it here.
Leave to steep for at least a week preferably three. It will go a very pale sand colour. Or possibly look like ditchwater. This is okay
Stir or shake if the jar has a good seal regularly to help the sugar dissolve.
Strain either just with a sieve (so expect a bit of debris) or through muslin/coffee filter for a clearer result.
Leave to mature for at least 4 weeks or longer, the longer you leave it the mellower it gets but as elderflower is delicate you don’t want to leave it for ages, sloes and damsons can mature for a couple of years and get better but this would lose its flavour.
Drink straight. Use as a mixer like you would cassis. Or give it as gifts if you make loads.

Here’s a blog post with my more general method and tips for flavoured voddies:


9 thoughts on “Elderflower rush”

  1. Helen (Fuss Free Flavours): Glad you like the idea. If you don’t find anymore blooms then try it next year. This for the tip on the least buggy part of the day for picking.

    A forkful: Same here too, I considered using a ladder under cover of darkness….last years batch I got in Suffolk, I think it requires little trip to the countryside.

  2. Becky: It really is delicious, I’ve tried it with soda to make a long drink and its really refreshing. All the home made fruit vodka’s are lovely, the process makes them smooth but not too strong shorts and lovely mixers with wine or fizz. Let me know how your’s turns out.

    Helen: I like the extra protein argument, good one ;)

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