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Competition results

So the closing date is passed. The entries are in. I’m about to draw the results for my first ever blog competition.

But first let me indulge in a little wander through some of the thoughts I’ve had about running a competition on my blog…..

1. It was fun, people do bother to write good replies if you set them a topic and now I know there are quite a few other stationery geeks out there.

2. You get way more comments on your posts if people think they are in with the chance of winning and from all sorts of people who either don’t normally visit the blog or don’t normally comment. So it does seem to drive traffic (the google stats confirm this too).

3. You get more comments so you kind of feel more popular but of course it’s important to remember it’s a ‘buying friends with the promise of sweets’ approach.

4. There are people out there who like real old fashioned fountain pens, maybe we need to form a club (there probably already is one!)

5. Random number generators are great fun for playing with for some unfathomable reason (ooo look another random number).

6. Random number generators made me think about what we mean by random. The winning number (which I’ll reveal in a minute) kind of felt like a swizz when it popped up (not, I’m sure for the person who has won), it didn’t feel random. Which takes me back to point 5 as I then spent a good 10 minutes clicking the ‘Generate’ button to see what happened.

7. I like competitions so if you’re reading this and you have fab prizes you’d like me to offer to readers then hey get in touch :)

Right onto the draw. There were 50 comments overall. The first one is a trackback so doesn’t count. Two people commented twice but don’t worry they don’t get to be in the draw twice their first comment only counts. So although I put in 1 -50 to the random number generator we really only had 47 entries, I would just draw again if a non winning number came up.

Anyway it didn’t because here it is (drum roll):

The winner is comment 2 which in the way I have done the draw means Kelly has won.

WELL DONE (rounds of applause).

Thanks to everyone for taking part I really did love reading all your favourite stationery items.

2 thoughts on “Competition results”

  1. just to prove that sometimes you don’t need a giveaway for a comment..

    I would just like to say that like the people who didn’t win an Oscar..

    Brave smile but secret sob.
    It should have been me…:(

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