Coming together

I love it when things just seem to come together in the right way and its one of the things that I’m starting to love about blogging and tweeting. You swirl around the blogosphere, you play about on Twitter and suddenly a whole bunch of influences collide to make you spot a new dish that resonates for you or triggers fond memories of something you haven’t had in simply too long.


And so it was earlier this week that the influences of Browners’ National British Sandwich fun, Fran39’s watercress post and the #livelocal challenge came together to make me think of a lunch I hadn’t had in probably 10 years (yes really)  – chicken and watercress with mayo on really good bread.

So I plotted a treat, my husband is not a fan of watercress he pulls a face at the very word, the ideal opportunity was to have said sandwich on a day when I was working from home. Mmmmm. I made fresh bread rolls yesterday to have with burgers and I’d found some red watercress in the supermarket and at 11am I was roasting 2 chicken legs with a dousing of lemon and olive oil.

At the appointed lunch hour I moseyed to the kitchen, sliced open a couple of rolls, slathered them with my favourite mayo, piled in freshly roast chicken and topped with watercress, squidged on the top.

And tucked in. Heaven in a bun.

4 thoughts on “Coming together”

  1. Mmm, this sounds good and those rolls look beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever had watercress!

  2. Yummy yum yum! When I’m back from my hols I’m going to follow your lead with this divine bun.

  3. They were really good I can recommend them.

    Karen: Watercress is very English, its peppery and quite bitter, rocket/arugula would be a good substitute.

    Fran: Go for it. The rolls were dough made in the bread machine then shaped and cooked in the oven, ended up like a slightly soft and tasty ciabatta. I’ll be making them again.

  4. Heaven in a bun indeed! Watercress is so good for you (tell the husband!). We have giant field mushrooms with sauteed onions in buns sometimes. They’re so meaty and filling too…

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