Scandilicious buns…

Today I got to sample some of ace baker Scandilicious buns.

She’s been madly baking test batches of recipes for possible inclusion in her next cookbook (out next year and all about Scandi baking).



I’m not renowned for my sweet tooth and neither is my husband but these were just the ticket with our morning coffee (we shared one of each so there are some left for tomorrow).

The round one with custard is a Skolebolle and the other an almond twist.

We particularly loved that they were sweet enough but not crazily so whilst the dough had a lovely gentle spice to it.

I’m hoping they make the cut for the book.

(And big thanks to Sig for the bag of free buns)

Drinking vessel

Yeah I know that’s a weird title.

But, er well, its not a cup and although its based on those lovely glasses you used to drink water from at school its made of porcelain its not a glass either.


Whatever it is:

a. it’s lovely

b. it was a bargain (I plumped for  seconds piece)

c. the perfect size for a good G&T or kir

d. tells when you’ve run out in case you haven’t noticed

It’s by Petra Sajkas and I got it at CockPit Arts Open studio event this weekend.



Egg and cress

Egg and cress makes me think of summer.

I love it in sandwiches (I know lots of people don’t). Especially on a nice crispy white roll or baguette.

But recently I’ve been flipping through @Scandilicious new book The Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking and there’s quite a few open sandwiches with an eggy theme.

So I decided why not try egg and cress on lovely @PetersYard crispbreads for a quick lunch.


Wow it was fab. Helped of course that I had home grown cress and bantam eggs gifted from a friend.

Perfect with some crunchy breakfast radish on the side.

For a filling lunch for 1 you need:

2-3 bantam or small hens eggs, hardboiled

your favourite mayonnaise, a good dollop

1 tub of cress

3 Peters Yard crispbread or some slices of sourdough or rye bread

Chop the hard boiled eggs in with the mayo , stir in pepper and cress. Pile on bread or crispbreads, garnish with more cress and serve with crispy radish or some tomatoes

Kitchenalia and memory

Some things in life are both functional and hold wonderful memories. A memento doesn’t have to be pretty or fancy to remind you of great times, great people or great places. Simple things often hold more meaning.

Like my old egg slicer.

This isn’t an ordinary egg slicer that cuts the egg into rounds. No its much better than that it cuts the egg in to sixths vertically.

Egg Slicer

And it was grandfathers.

And when I was a child and we visited on Sundays he always made a huge spread of food for us to eat and without fail there would be hard boiled eggs.

I would always slice the eggs with him. Holding the egg slicer carefully, balancing each egg in the yolk coloured cup and pushing the wireframe down firmly but gently, his hands steadying mine.

So now each time I have hard boiled eggs I can also remember my grandfather and all the other ways he shaped my life.