Chocolate Week: Day 3

Day 3 an chocolate supplies were running perilously low…so I placed and Ocado order

Not just for chocolate you understand there were lots of other store cupboard staples I needed too….imagine though a whole van full of chocolate turning up would be pretty fab

Anyway today I went for Green & Blacks Cherry chocolate


I just love those sour cherries in it nice and tart and tangy.

Chocolate Week: Day 2

Turns out as well as chocolate week and curry week its also egg week…..good job I had egg curry last night then.

So Day 2 of chocolate week I was mostly munching on my regular bar


Divine 70%…its great it smooth and dark enough and sensibly priced and widely available and good ethics.

Not really much more you can ask for in a regular chocolate purchase in my view. Well possibly someone to send you a large delivery as a gift but apart from that….

Chocolate Week: Day 1

I’m not that much of a fan of this week and that week and the other week. Mainly because there are now so many its easy to get them muddled. After all today was the start of Chocolate Week, Curry Week and also international porridge day…hopefully not all in the same meal!

Although actually the only thing I haven’t had today is porridge….

So despite all that I do like chocolate and any excuse to branch out is a good one.

Today’s chocolate choices were:


first with morning coffee Pixie Hall‘s truffles

and then


Macarons + More chocolate orange and cardamom shortbread

Both totally delish and both purchased at The Norfolk Diet market in Norwich on Saturday


What’s the apple ID?

Yesterday we noticed some apples hanging over the fence from the neighbours tree.

So we picked them.

Now I know you are supposed to hand them back but well the owner of the house rents it out so we kind of figured there were as much ours as the tenants :o

Anyway we only got a few there are tons for them to collect if they want them.


I’ve tried to work out what they are but all my guesses wouldn’t be ripe yet and these are definitely ready. They are crisp very white flesh and a good balance of sweet and sharp.

Suggestions welcome as to their identity