Beautiful soap

I’ve mostly been a shower gel kind of girl and have been for a long time.

Soap is fine for hands but I find it too drying otherwise.

Well not anymore, because I found these:


Not only are they beautifully wrapped they are also wonderfully gentle on the skin.

At the moment I’m using the top one which is organic lavender. I can’t decide whether to use the plummy berry scented one next or the sophisticated scented rainbow.

They are handcrafted by Leaf House in Suffolk. I’m also slightly addicted to their baby lotion and rescue cream.

You can buy online or from their market stall in Bury St Edmunds.

Here’s to lovely soaps.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comments and just delighted to read you enjoy our soaps… and of course our Baby Lotion and Rescue Cream…. :0) Vxx

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