Beautiful salad

Just over a week ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a dinner for where Greg Malouf cooked recipes from his new book Saraban: A chef’s journey through Persia for ten of us.

It was an amazing evening of wonderful food and company. We got to talk with Greg and his co author Lucy Malouf about the food and their journey around Persia. 

I only took a few photos as I was busy enjoying the food and conversation, this salad was especially beautiful as well as being delicious and refreshing.


The rest of the menu was as follows:

Sabzi – Mixed herbs and soft white cheese with fresh lavash bread

 Eshkeneh – Persepolis onion soup with potatoes, fenugreek and soft-poached eggs

Mahi-e mast-gerdu – Yoghurt baked fish with walnut–herb crumbs

Duck Breast with pomegranate glaze and ‘Fesenjun’ sauce

Chelow – classic Persian rice

Salad-e Shirazi

Zoolbia – Crunchy fritters with spiced pistachio sugar, ice cream and an orange and pistachio syrup

I went away inspired to try some different flavours in my cooking :)

Many thanks to Greg , Lucy, Sarah Canet and Judy Joo for a wonderful evening (and my fellow guests of course)




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