Another blog, surely not?

Okay I know what you are thinking how many blogs and online bits and bobs does one person need….

Well lots it seems.

Because there’s Facebook, which was originally for talking to your mates but now seems to also be for talking to customers.

There’s Twitter which is for talking to everyone, well everyone who is actually on Twitter which like well pretty much everyone isn’t it?

Well no because some of them are only on Facebook or LinkedIn…

So you need to be on LinkedIn as well, which is mostly for business.

And you need a blog, in fact several. Like a blog based around your hobby or passion, and a blog to do with work and then there are the bits that don’t fit anywhere else. And of course you need all those bits to be on line don’t you? Right?

Yes of course you do.

So you end up with posterous or tumblr or goodnessonlyknowswhatnewplatform …..

And so it goes on.

And in that vein I bring you this new posterous of mine (this one you are reading right now) to sit along side the existing posterous (as seen in the nice picture below):


Which was meant to be mostly about things I liked that weren’t food related because there is the main food blog over at

But I decided there was too much food stuff popping up on it, so I’ve hived the food stuff off over here and will be much more about non-food things.

And if you like business things then there’s one of those too:

Erm and thats probably enough places for now……