A good bacon butty

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘butty’ the OED defines it as follows:

butty (also buttie) noun (pl. butties) informal, chiefly N. English a filled or open sandwich: a bacon butty. – ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from BUTTER+-Y.

Or perhaps think about Ken Dodd for a moment and the jam butty mines – or maybe don’t. Also, of course, there are chip butties and cheese butties. In essence any kind of sandwich can be called a butty although I’m not sure you’d apply the term to something filled with chicken and avocado or crayfish and rocket or cucumber…..now there’s a thought a cucumber butty – a new slant on afternoon tea.

Anyway back on the bacon butty trail – this morning I had a great example rustled up for breakfast from some beer cured back bacon, some sautéed portobello mushrooms, a good dollop of ketchup (my favourite Stokes Real Ketchup – yum) and 2 slices of properly chewy wholemeal

It was great.


But then I’m probably biased as I made it.

3 thoughts on “A good bacon butty”

  1. You forgot to mention sugar butties. Important to use lots of butter so plenty of sugar would stick on. This was definitely something for scout camp as my mother would never have allowed sugar butties at home. Kind of grew out of them after I left the scouts though.

  2. Hmmm sugar butties curious. I never tried them. Sounds like a route to dental disaster and perhaps not something to get into the habit of over the age of 10.

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