2011 bread experiments ‘the rules’

In my last post I talked about some of the bread I made in 2010 and said I was going to challenge myself to make a different loaf each week in 2011. To make its a bit more fun I decided to select two of my bread baking books and I’m going to bake my way through them both but in a RANDOM manner.

Here’s the rules I’ve set myself:

  1. I must select the bread to be baked randomly, using either a random number generator or by asking for numbers from people on Twitter.
  2. If the selected page doesn’t have a recipe on it then I moved forward in the book to the next nearest recipe.
  3. If the recipe is a sweet bread or bun I can skip in and do another random generated page number. WHY? because we eat so little sweet stuff I know it will get wasted.
  4. If the selection is something I’ve already made I do the next nearest recipe in the book moving forward page number wise.
  5. I blog each loaf at least with a picture and whether I think its a great recipe.

The two books are River Cottage Bread Handbook and The Handmade Loaf. I’ve used both a bit last year so I know they are good.

So what loaf is going to be first….

3 thoughts on “2011 bread experiments ‘the rules’”

  1. Excellent idea, wish I’d thought of it first! At what point do you finish though, are you going for a conclusion?

    I’ll be interested to watch your progress, aspecially concerning sourdough, despite my love of baking I’ve yet to attempt it, really want to find an easy starter and get, well, started!
    .-= Chloe´s last blog ..Sandwich Love and a Quest =-.

    1. Hi Chloe: Well so far my end point is when I’ve done all of both books….but by then I’ll have thought of another experiment. I’ve done sourdough before and once the starter is nice and bubbly its fairly easy to do though you need to get used to working with a slightly wetter dough usually. The starter I built took ages so I wouldn’t recommend that I think The Dan Lepard and River Cottage ones only take a week to get going. Give it another go :)

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